Our Mission

Our team started 3D weaving machine prototyping in 2011, produced the first 3D weaving loom in 2016. In the following years, our company developed itself in the field of 3D weaving and composite production with R&D and P&D projects.

Our company , which has 3D weaving technology that can be described as the future of the composite industry, provide service the defense, aerospace and automotive industry sectors. So far, we cooperate with many foreign and domestic companies. Our goal is to become a solution partner by developing lighter and more durable 3D woven composite products according to the demands of companies.

3D Wovens 3D Weaving Technology
3D Weaving Technology

Our Capabilities

3D Weaving Machine Design and Production

We are capable of designing, producing and modifying 3D weaving machines according to the requirements of the 3D woven preform.

3D Woven Preform and Composite Production

The production of 3D woven preforms is a process that requires knowledge and experience, just like the production of the machine. In our company, particular engineering, installation and machine-product adaptations are made for each product.

For 3D composite production, 3D woven preform pattern software, preform production and RTM mold design are processes that need to be designed as a whole. The molds of the RTM (resin transfer molding) process are designed within our company considering the technical specifications of the preforms and resin systems. Our company has the ability to make preforms into composites with the customized RTM system according to 3D woven composite production.

Our team, consisting of Textile, Mechanical, Material, Electronic Engineers and experienced technicians is able to produce the most suitable 3D composite part due to the requirements by using its knowledge about 3D woven preforms and composite production.

3D Weaving Loom
RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) Mold